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N-BGC session: Jungle Speed; Easy Come, Easy Go; Aquaretto; Basari; Wits & Wagers

I haven’t been able to participate in Nokia Board Game Club’s game nights in a while and it was great to be on the road to the Scandic Hotel Espoo where the night is held. There were four of us which is relatively small amount of people and I don’t remember when I would have […]

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Tue, October 21 2008 » Aquaretto, Arriba, Basari, Easy Come, Easy Go, General, Session, Wits and Wagers » 3 Comments

Game day the the Library 10

It has been really dry in the gaming front for several weeks and man it was great to play some games on Sunday at the Library 10. We had pre-scheduled a game of Jamaica and I decided go with the flow and take some lighter games with me in the library. We began our session […]

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Mon, April 14 2008 » Filou, Jamaica, Session, Ticket to Ride, Wits and Wagers » No Comments

Gathering of my friends

It was not the kind of gathering which takes place in the US; there were two of my oldest friends and in between of vivid discussion on various topics we played some games. We have played games together as long as we’ve known each other; computer games (I have especially fond memories from the Warlords […]

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Sat, March 22 2008 » Galaxy Trucker, Session, Wits and Wagers » 2 Comments

Competo’s games for 2008

I had the privilege to interview Kristian and Tomas Ahjopalo from Competo for my Finnish podcast yesterday and I had a blast. Maybe the most interesting information was the list of game swhich Competo will release in the year 2008. Bausack (with a bit different name), Chinatown, Gulo Gulo, Heli Hopper, Monopoly Tampere, Qwirkle, Ubongo […]

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Sat, March 8 2008 » Bausack, Chinatown, Gulo Gulo, Heli Hopper, Monopoly Tampere, News, Qwirkle, Ubongo Extrem, Wits and Wagers » 1 Comment

Busy week of gaming

I’m on my winter holiday and I’ve been able to do some serious gaming. Saturday was Tracon which I’ve already given report earlier. Sunday I visited the weekly meeting of the Library 10 game club and was able to play Gang of Four, Samurai and Battle Line. I have to say that I’m not a […]

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Wed, February 20 2008 » 10 Days in Europe, Alias, Amazing Labyrinth, Battle Line, Gang of Four, Kingsburg, Race for the Galaxy, Samurai, San Juan, Session, StreetSoccer, Thebes, Wits and Wagers » No Comments