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I’m a gamer. I’ve been a gamer since my first Nintendo console (8bit) years and years ago. I’ve played computer games, RPG and CCGs (Magic) before reaching adulthood. Boardgames for me in my childhood were Monopoly and Afrikan Tähti ; the most common games played in Finland those times.

I got seriously hooked in gaming when I found Settlers of Catan and for a couple of last years I’ve had the possibility to learn that there are quite a few really interesting games in the market. Actually, there is a huge and rapidly growing amount of games which deserve to be noticed and played and that’s what I’ve been up to lately. I’ve also listened podcasts about boardgaming and other topics for some time now and feel that it is something I am interested in and that there should be something in podcast format available for Finns.

I like games with player interaction and little back stabbing. I’m into gaming to have fun and gaming is a social event for me. I don’t say that I’m not into heavy games from time to time but there just isn’t time for heavy games this days so often.

I have a master’s degree in Economics and at the moment I’m studying Arts Management. Business is my favorite theme in a game and arts would probably be high on the list if there would be more games with arts theme.