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BGF podcast in English – episode 1


Finally, I did find the time to record an episode in English for the international audience. There’s interesting things happening in Finland and I feel that you should be kept informed about it.

In this episode I interview Jussi Autio the CEO of Tuonela Productions about the company, their products and also about Jussi himself; who is is and why does he design games.

I’m also proud to announce the first international Boardgaming Finland  contest. The prize for the winner is The Club [ BGG] from Tuonela Productios. You can find further information on the contest by listening the episode


Introduction 0:00 – 2:56

Interview 2:56 – 31:50

More information on Tuonela Production’s games [ BGG] [ Their website]

Map of the Spiel booths [ link]

Contest 31:50 – 34:20


I’m really looking forward to receiving feedback on the show! You can also send suggestions for the upcoming topics of the podcast. I want also to thank Eminor and Mikko Putkonen for the music of the episode.

Fri, October 17 2008 » Boardgaming Finland Podcast, Podcast

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