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Vote games in Finnish Players’ Picks 2008!

Mikko Saari has again set up gaming awards for the year 2008 or Finnish Players’ Picks 2008 as they are also called. The idea of the awards is that Finnish gamers pick the best games they have played during the last year (from Oct 2007 to Aug Sep 2008) and list them. The most popular (the game which receives the most votes) game is the winner.

Mikko has been running the awards since 2002 and there’s interesting changes which have occured during the history of the award. The fact that Puerto Rico has been very popular is no surprise but in the recent years Carcassone, Ticket to Ride and Settlers of Catan have lost their top three positions and more of a gamers games have found their way on the top. Last year TOP 3 was Puerto Rico, Powergrid and Thurn und Taxis.

There seems to be a gaming culture developing with a quick analysis of the results and partly this is true – Finnish retailers and board game stores have become more active in bringing games to Finland and releasing them in Finnish. Companies as and Competo have done a good job and the fruits of this developement can be seen in the results. People know and play a larger variety of games which is great for the gaming culture. On the other hand the statistics are distorted by the fact that Mikko’s award is not generally known in Finland and thus the heavier games are over represented.

Anyways, it is easy to predict that there will be changes in the TOP 3 this year too. You don’t have to be a genious to see that Agricola is going to skyrocket up in the TOP 3 and probably it will be the winner. Race for the Galaxy is also a certain TOP 5 game and has a good chance of being one of the three most popular games. Puerto Rico is definitely high again and some permanent performers, as Ticket to Ride, are for sure near the top. I’ll say that the black horse in the race is Galaxy Trucker although it’s not so widely played that it would be higher than in the TOP 10.

You can pick your favorite games for the year 2008 during September. Results come out early October and I’m exited to find out how it turns out this year.

Thu, September 4 2008 » Awards, General, News

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