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Gameweek 6/2013: Le Havre and Campaign Manager 2008

Not a very active week with one two players session and lots of games at (plus some StreetSoccer too for sure).

I played at N-BGC with Adebisi who had on his agenda to turn me into a Le Havre lover (and thus find a new player to play the game with). I had played the game once when it first came out and liked the production but did not like the game itself. Back then we played with 5 newbies and now with two which was a good premise for the game.

Here’s what I like about the game. Firstly, it has good production value which is a good start for any game. I do find the game thematic in what it tries to achieve and it has a solid structure and mechanisms in it. So what is there not to like you ask?

Biggest problem for me with the game is that it just takes too long to keep me interested in it. I think it has to do with the fact that the steps you take to during a full game are so small and there’s so many of them that I loose my interest in the game in the middle of it. I’m also not that fond of the cards which appear in the game because the variety of options in a game make my head hurt.

I’m actually thinking of buying the app for iPad because I see Le Havre as a potential thinking exercise when I’m on the road. But I can definitely do without the board game and probably also will take a break (for few years) in playing the game.

Campaign Manager 2008 was the second game which we got on the table and this is a game I do enjoy. I recently came accross a web based opportunity to play it at and after couple of plays was happy to get it on the table in a live session. I do find CM to be very thematic and this is a theme I like a lot. I have also fond memories from 2008 when I was spectating the election day at the Times Square New York.

In a game of CM players take the sides of the two candidates and first draft a deck which they use in the game. I’m really not a big fan of deck building but here I find it to be a good way of creating variety in the games. Once the decks are ready players begin to battle for the states by either playing a card or drawing one and the first player to get 270 electoral votes wins.

Our game I tried to repeat the success of Obama campaign but had a very poor start when women desided to vote for McCain in three different states. McCain was novice in the game and after a fast start his deck did not rotate fast enough and I got the momentum on my campaign. My victory was very clear in the end and the last part of the game was not so fun since I beat the snug out of the opponent.

I like the game but I’m not sure whether the game has staying power since there’s not much sense in building any other kind of deck than a one which moves fast. Game is also quite brutal for newbies which might make it hard to find players to play with appart from Yucata. But I’ll keep on trying.

Coming week looks like a bad one for gaming but lets hope I get some games in to report. :)

Sun, February 10 2013 » Campaign Manager 2008, General, Le Havre, Session

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