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Gameweek 2/2013: Hanabi, Boggle Flash, Stich-Meister and Njet

Game year 2013 has begun and I’ve gotten some games in. I also received a BGG Secret Santa gift late but Mahjong and Fairy Land were excellent gifts to receive. I hope I’ll be able to play them shortly and tell my impressions of them to you.

Games I played week 2/2013 were Hanabi, Boggle Flash, Stich-Meister and Njet. Of these I had played Stich-Meister and Njet before and interestingly enough we did not play any board games this time.

Hanabi is a elegant and unique cooperative deduction game which I liked I lot. Players have a hand of five cards which are faced towards other players. Idea of the game is that other players give hints to you of your cards and players try to form sequals of cards by playing them on the board and playing wrong cards to table can happen only twice before game ends. On a turnplayer can either give a hint, discard a card or play a card on the table. You also might not be able to give a hint if all the hint tokens are turned face down – you may flip one by discarding a card but there’s the risk of discarding wrong card.

Hanabi box cover

I really liked Hanabi because it plays very differently compared to any other card game I know and I love the hidden communication players need to succeed in to score well in the game. Suggest.

Boggle Flash is a totally different beast compared to Hanabi since Boggle Flash is a gimmicky game – a word game one like Boggle. There are five electric tiles in the game which flash letters and players need organize letters to form words. I bought it when I found I cheep version of the game and I hope it will bring some fun as a solitaire game to me. Game fits in a small case and is easily portable which probably help it to find the table more often. My only worry is that there’s not enough game in it to keeo the interest up for a longer period.

Boggle Flash tiles

The last two games are both trick taking games – category of games I’m very fond of. Stich-Meister is a must for all of you who adore trick taking games and I love it but I can see why some gamers hate it too. Playing a game with different rules every time adds chaos in the game and that’s a feature which turn many hobbyists off. I love Stich-Meister and fortunately so did the ther players as well so we had good times.

Njet is a solid trick taking game too and I like it also a lot. I has also a mechnism which changes the rules from hand to hand but rules don’t change so dramatically as they do in Stich-Meister. Thus Njet is much more new player friendly and light by nature and it’s easy to play. There are many bad trick taking games out there but these two are not and I’m glad we got them on the table.

Components of Njet

As a side note, I also booked hotel and flights to Spiel fair 2013 and feel very happy about it. I haven’t been so interested in new games since I did not attend Spiel last year and I hope this year will be different and obviously it’s also fun to see all the friends who are attending the fair. I hope I see you there also and if you are coming, give me a note.

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