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Time to end the hiatus

We’ve gotten into 2015 and my new year resolution is that I’ll activate myself again to write blog posts regularly.  Reason for the hiatus has been clear – I have not been able to play so many games face to face and I’m really not going go to my games online since there’s mostly not much to report. But I truly hope that this year is going to better gaming year than last was because my girls are beginning to reach the age where we get to play some games.

Today’s game was Stormy Seas which we got for Christmas and had not played before. Stormy Seas is a relatively simple dexterity game where players fill a ship with wooden goods. Chunky bits and fancy looking ship combined with simple dice mechanism and balancing the bits in the ship make this game a winner with small children. Obviously there’s not much challenge here for adults but we had fun playing this game and most certainly will have in the future.

Stormy Seas (image by James Hébert)

Sat, January 10 2015 » General, Session, Stormy Seas

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