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Gameweek 42/2013: 6 Nimmt, Ave Caesar, Hanabi and Crazy Lab

One live session at N-BGC and several games online.

We began the N-BGC session with 6 Nimmt which was a solid game to wait food and real games. I like 6 Nimmt but have never been any good at it. There aren’t any other game like this (none that I know of anyways) and what we get is actually an interesting and quite entertaining little card game. I lost, which was predictable but it was fun to play the game.

Second game of the evening was Ave Caesar which is an older racing game with Rome theme. I had played once before and bought it because it seemed like a solid family game. After second game I must say that this game fits families very well and I just hope Ave Caesar would hit the table a bit more ofter that I predict it’s going to.

Hanabi was the next game and we did reasonable well with some newbies to the game. I like Hanabi but I fear that it’s actually not a game one wants to play again and again. Once the group knows each other game probably becomes a bit boring even if achieving high score remains hard enough.

Last game of the night was again Crazy Lab. Not much control but an enjoyable trick taking game. I’ve talked more about it last week and before that so go back and read what I’ve said.

Next week is Spiel week and I’ll of to Germany on Thursday. Thus there’s definitely going to be many games to play in a good company. I’ve been reading rules like maniac and there’s several interesting games which I wait to see and play. But you have to wait until next week to hear about the games I did play and enjoy.

Fri, October 18 2013 » 6 Nimmt, Ave Caesar, Crazy Lab, General, Hanabi, Session

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