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Gameweek 41/2013: Legends of Andor, Innovation, Crazy Lab

One live session at N-BGC and games at I’ve also read probably over 20 rules for games to be released at the Spiel Fair in Essen Germany. Couple weeks and there will be a lot of games to report. :)

We began the N-BGC game night with 2nd legend of Legends of Andor. I’d played the first legend twice and playing introduction scenario several times is usually a bad idea. In Legends of Andor’s case this is true since the game is easily teachable when going in to a new legend. We had four players of which three had played the first legend so there wasn’t big problems in starting the game and getting things rolling.

Unfortunately we were really lucky in the beginning of the game and found the important information of the scenario in the first fog token of 15 that were in play. Thus we had a lot of time to react to the events to be come in the legend and survived easily from the foes that the game sent our way. I like the game and I feel a need to play the 5 legends which come with the game but lets see how much this game has to offer after that.

Innovation was the second game of the night and second game I won. I like the fact that I won, I like the gameplay and some of the ideas of the game but man did I not like the random nature of the game. You draw card(s), play one and activate actions which give you some goodies but also hit your fellow players in the face. There’s probably some tactics in the game but it really did not feel that way. I’ll give it another go someday but not the finest of games in my opinion.

It’s almost a habit that we end the gaming session with a card game which quite often has a trick taking element in it. I love trick taking as does Janne so Jack had to follow the lead and try to wrap his head around Crazy Lab. In this trick taking game each player has negative color and positive color and most cards have more than one color in them. Each trick also has different trump color which makes things even more interesting and chaotic especially when there’s less cards in players’ hands. I’ve played this game now three times and like it but I can’t really say whether there’s really any strategy in the game or is it just intuition you have to use when figuring out which card to play.

Sun, October 13 2013 » Crazy Lab, General, Innovation, Legends of Andor, Session

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