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Gameweek 26/2013: Augustus, Lancaster and Unpublished Prototype

One live session at N-BGC and many games at plus Midsummer gaming at the summer cottage.

We began the N-BGC session with Augustus which I’ve found to be a solid family game. Bingo mechanism which the game is based on works very well and there’s enough options in the game to make it enjoyable. I’d say this is very likely winner of the SdJ this year. Suggest

Second game at N-BGC was Lancaster which I’ve tried to get on the table for some time now. I liked the game after reading the rules and I do like it after playing it too. Worker placement fits well in the game and I like the political aspect which has been included in the game too. It would be fun to try this out with more than 3 players though and see whether there’s more action on the board and thus more competition. Suggest.

We ended the N-BGC session with a prototype of Touko T. It was interesting and definitely something to continue work with.

I also played several games at the summer cottage while celebrating the Midsummer. Qwixx was a big hit because it can be played with almost anyone. 9 year old had fun with the game and only help needed was with the end game score. Dice immediately increases the interest level of non gamers towards the game which means that it probably will find the table quite often.

Augustus was also a hit during the weekend and we also played Langfinger which everyone enjoyed quite a bit.

Tue, June 25 2013 » Augustus, General, Lancaster, Langfinger, Qwixx, Session, Unpublished Prototype

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