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Gameweek 25/2013: Qwixx, Augustus and Brügge

One live session at N-BGC.

First game on the table was the SdJ nominee Qwixx which, to my surprise, is a small box dice game with simple rules and mechanisms. Since it is a SdJ nominee it’s not bad that it’s has simple rules but I was happy that it has some depth in it for the seasoned gamers too. Rolling dice is always fun but I can see Qwixx as a gateway game to other more complex games for the non-gamers and I definitely hope that I’ll get in on the table during the Midsummer.

Augustus is also a SdJ nominee and the biggest favorite to win the title with big box and excellent production values. The game itself is easy enough for almost anybody to understand and there’s some decisions during the game which are meaningful. I like the bingo mechanism and scoring methods are interesting but maybe a tad too complicated to non-gamers. Anyways a winner; if not the SdJ then just in general because the game is so good.

Augustus @ N-BGC

Last game of the session was Brügge which was actually quite hard to play since the cards have a lot of German in them. Brügge is not the most suitable game for my gaming taste but I still felt that it’s a good game. Basically players play cards to gain resources to gain points. Very Eurogamish approach is the name of the game but it worked rather good. For a Kenner SdJ nominee I waited a little bit more engaging game but It’s not bad as it is at the moment. Not a bad game but not a winner of the Kennerspiel des Jahres either I feel.

Brügge @ N-BGC

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