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Gameweek 24/2013: The Hobbit Card Game, King of Siam and Bora Bora

One gaming session at the N-BGC in which:

We played first The Hobbit Card Game which is the team based trick taking game by Martin Wallace. This time we had three players so 1vs2 and wiped the floors with the good guys. This game is evil and very hard for the good side especially when card luck goes against them in the game. I still rather like the game but do think it works best with 4-5 players. Suggest.

Then we continued to King of Siam, a clever 2-3 player card driven area majority game I bought from the sale for 10 eur. King of Siam has wonderful historical background but the overall appeal of the game box and components is dull. I do like the way the game plays even though it’s not a thematic experience. There’s meaningful decisions along the way and tensions rise towards the end of the game which obviously is a sign of a solid game. Suggest.

We closed the session with three player Bora Bora and I have to say that the game has not grown to a positive direction with more plays. I like the mechanisms but there are too many incorporated in the game and the end result is way too complicated. Bora Bora is not an elegant game and it’s a pity since there’s definitely many of the ingredients for an elegant game in it. I ended up trading my copy of the game away but I’m still willing to play the game if somebody wishes to do so. Indifferent.


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