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Gameweek 22/2013: Dominant Species, Bora Bora, Kings of Air and Steam and Oregon

Huh. It’s been a long while since last update. I’ve been busy but fortunately have found the time to play some games live which is quite rare these days.

Here’s quick thoughs of some games I’ve played:

Dominant Species:

We had a 5 player session which took 5 hours or so. I like the mechanisms in the game plus the theme but the game takes usually too darn long. It’s almost impossible to find the time and players to play the game.

Dominant Species

Bora Bora:

I’ve played Bora Bora maybe three times and even though it has some neat aspects in it I still feel it’s a bit too heavy on analysis for me. Games tend to take quite a lot of time and there’s heavy risk for AP. There’s also just so many ways of scoring points in the game that it’s nearly impossible to figure out even the close to perfect moves.

Kings of Air and Steam:

Normal game without any special characters is a very good pick up and deliver game but characters and their special powers are quite far from being in balance. We played a 7 player game which moved on better than I expected but man were the special powers unbalanced. Some players got extra actions right and eft and my guy just got to choose which cities wanted what type of good. I probably leave the characters into the box from now on when I play the game but I will play the game more.

Kings of Air and Steam in a epic 7 player game


Oregon also found it’s way on the gaming table and I must say that this is a game which doesn’t get the love it deserves. Oregon is a solid family game with interesting mechanisms and scoring, good looking art in it, reasonable playing time and it’s good with 2, 3 or 4 players (not so common for a game of this type). There’s even a Finnish version of the game available (probably only at the second hand market but anyways) which should make Oregon a bit more played and loved than it seems to be at the moment.

I’ve played some games this week too but lets keep ‘em secret until the end of the week. I’ll also get a look at the coming second expansion to Eclipse during the week and I hope I’ll be able to tell you more about it in the next post. Don’t know if I’ll get the permission but I cross my fingers for that.

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