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Gameweek 26/2013: Augustus, Lancaster and Unpublished Prototype

One live session at N-BGC and many games at plus Midsummer gaming at the summer cottage. We began the N-BGC session with Augustus which I’ve found to be a solid family game. Bingo mechanism which the game is based on works very well and there’s enough options in the game to make it enjoyable. […]

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Gameweek 25/2013: Qwixx, Augustus and Brügge

One live session at N-BGC. First game on the table was the SdJ nominee Qwixx which, to my surprise, is a small box dice game with simple rules and mechanisms. Since it is a SdJ nominee it’s not bad that it’s has simple rules but I was happy that it has some depth in it […]

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Gameweek 24/2013: The Hobbit Card Game, King of Siam and Bora Bora

One gaming session at the N-BGC in which: We played first The Hobbit Card Game which is the team based trick taking game by Martin Wallace. This time we had three players so 1vs2 and wiped the floors with the good guys. This game is evil and very hard for the good side especially when […]

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Lautapelisuomi podcast 29 tiistaina 11.6.2013

Tässä jaksossa käymme Tuomo Pekkasen kanssa läpi: Pelatut pelit Muun muassa Bora Bora, Kings of Air and Steam, Love Letter ja monta muuta Suomalaiset julkaisut 2013 Competon ja uutuuslistojen läpikäynti kommentein. Mukana myös ensikommentit Gear & Pistonista Spiel des Jahres Käymme läpi ehdokkaat SdJ ja Kennerspiel des Jahres -kategorioissa. Voit itse käydä tutustumassa kilpailuun […]

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Tue, June 11 2013 » General, Podcast » 1 Comment

Gameweek 23/2013: Langfinger, The Manhattan Project and Eclipse

Gameweek with two live sessions and some games at Firstly, I attended the N-BGC session on Monday where we played two games. Langfinger was the first game on the table and it has been waiting it’s turn on my car’s trunk for a long time. I bought it with 3 euro maybe a year […]

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