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Ropecon 2012

Ropecon has been a part of my gaming year for probably 5 years and there’s many fond memories from it. Growing family makes it hard to participate in any gaming event these days but my lovely wife gave me green light for Saturday gaming at Ropecon. As usual there were a lot of people attending […]

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Eclipse wins in Dice Tower Awards

Eclipse won the Best Game of the Year award in the Dice Tower Awards. I’m a regular listener of the Dice Tower podcast and thus knew about the nomination. To be quite honest I did not expect Eclipse to win because second edition of the game just came out and game has been very hard […]

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Session report: Enigma, Space Mission, Dilberd tBG and First Train to Nürnburg

Most interesting game of the evening was definitely Touko Tahkokallio’s new game called Enigma which is coming out sometime early fall I think. I got my hands on a preliminary copy of the game and we had to try it out. Enigma is a game where players are archeologists and try to work their way […]

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Wed, July 11 2012 » Dilbert The Board Game, Enigma, First Train to Nürnberg, General, Session, Space Mission » No Comments

Board game photography contest at Lautapeliopas

Finalists for the board game photography contest held by Lautapeliopas have been decided. There’s 5 pictures in two categories, cameras and mobile photos, and public gets to vote for the winners. Go and cast your vote! Vote here Posted using Tinydesk Writer iPhone app

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Session report: Targi, Vegas, Tournay

Interesting day at the Leppävaara game club because with a table playing Through the Ages and other table figuring out Age of Conan there were only me and Oskari left to play games. It didn’t stop us playing games but did have an effect of the games we could play. First of was Targi which […]

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