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Is 2011 the break through for Finnish board game designs?

This is a question which boggles my mind not just because there has been interesting news on upcoming games from Finnish designers but also because I’ve played four unpublished prototypes during the last week. Finland is a small country and domestic market for board games is relative to the size of the nation.Therefore we don’t […]

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My most anticipated game for 2011 goes for Eclipse

To be quite honest Eclipse would have definitely been in my top 3 games I played during 2010 but as the 2 games I played were done with an unpublished version of the game it really doesn’t count.But it was very delightful to hear that will publish the game and presumably the date for […]

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Mon, February 14 2011 » Eclipse, General » No Comments

Very brief look at Kairo by Queen Games

This post is very brief because information on Kairo is very limited. It’s one of the games which came out in Nürnberg and what I heard was that the copy which Queen Games had at the fair was actually a prototype of the coming game. Why am I interested in this game? Well, Kairo it […]

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Short look at Principato by eggertspiele

2011 is definitely going to be an interesting year for Finnish geeks since there’s quite a few interesting releases coming for the year and increasingly these games come out from well known international publishers. Principato is the first one to hit the market and also the first with published rules which means it’s also the […]

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