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Spiel 2010

I wrote I geek list of the games I played, games I played and things I did during the fair. Check it out!

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Fri, October 29 2010 » General » No Comments

What I Think of It: Dominant Species

GMT is known for war games but recently they have produced a few games which are definitely not war games. After Leaping Lemmings (which probably deserves its own entry someday) they released Dominant Species which catapults GMT heavily into the eurogame realm. The designer of the game, Chad Jensen, has designed the popular Combat Commander: […]

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LEGO board games

I got an invitation to a game session organized by LEGO and their Finnish marketing firm. Playing with LEGO’s was part of my childhood as so many other young Finn growing in the 1980ies. Interesting fact is that LEGO is still going strong and now they have also come to the board game market with […]

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