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Game session: Diamonds Club, Genial Spezial and Inquisition

Thursday night reserved for games in Leppävaara and this time I was also able to join the club and play some games. First I sat down on a table where half of the people were preparing for the European Championships in Spiel. We played Diamonds Club which I had played once before and had liked […]

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Fri, October 16 2009 » Diamonds Club, Genial Spezial, Inquisition, Session » 1 Comment

Night of Finnish card games

It’s been a long time since the last entry -I apologize. I’ve played games but most of the gaming has happened online so there’s really not that much to report on. Thus it was fun to have some friends over and play games; especially because I just received fall lineup for Tuonela Productions to review. They […]

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Wed, October 14 2009 » General, Session » No Comments