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Session report: French Tarot

It’s fun to play games and it’s even more fun to do it unexpectedly but this was the case in our little Tarot session in Wednesday night. My gaming pal Markku was in town because of his work and looked for something to do other than playing games in BSW (which by the way is […]

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Fri, August 28 2009 » Session » No Comments

Video introduction to Politix

I did something I haven’t done before and that’s a video review of a new Finnish card game Politix. You can check it out from Lautapeliopas [ review can be found here] and please leave comments so that I’ll be able to develop this new brand of Boardgaming Finland. Unfortunately this is only for those […]

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Mon, August 24 2009 » General » No Comments

Session Report: Politix

Year 2009 is going to be very interesting for the Finnish games scene. We have already seen one solid board game released and more is coming at Spiel fair in Essen in October. I had an oppurtunity to try out the newest addition to the list of Finnish games, Politix. Politix is a game by […]

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