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Thursday session at Leppävaara: Rumis, King of Siam, Doppelkopf

I’m not a regular visitor at the Leppävaara gaming nights but it’s sometimes great to do excursions to Leppävaara and see what gamers are up to there. There weren’t that many gamers around during the night which was kind of odd since usually there’s easily over 10 gamers and several games running simultaniously. I ended […]

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Fri, February 27 2009 » Rumis » 4 Comments

Card game accessories

How to store up all the games one own is typically not a problem; you store up the games you own in a shelf of some sort. This has been the case also with me before I became a geek and began frantically purchase games. The biggest problem I’ve encountered is that my card game […]

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Sun, February 15 2009 » General » 5 Comments

Traditional card games

It’s been awfully quiet in the gaming front for the last month. I’ve been busy, I’ve had holydays and now I’m recovering from a nasty flu. I is possible to play games online even though it would otherwise be impossible but recording podcast with the crow voice I have right now is impossible. What have […]

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Sun, February 8 2009 » General » 1 Comment