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Competo games from Makuuni

Competo released a press release that they have began a co-operation with Makuuni. Makuuni is one of the biggest DVD rental chains in Finland and they have stores all over Finland. Press release didn’t state which Competo games will be sold through Makuuni but I’ll guess it’ll be the lighter and more family friendly side […]

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Wed, November 26 2008 » News » No Comments

Session review: Wasabi, Ghost Stories, Dominion

I’ve been able to get some games in lately and though that maybe I’ll share some views on the games which were published in Spiel 08. I got Wasabi from discount Saturday. The copy I got was played once by the store owners and they did not like the game. Usually one should probably […]

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Wed, November 19 2008 » Session, Wasabi » No Comments

Boardgaming Finland turned 1 year

It was exactly 1 year from today when I published the first podcast and I have to say that it feels like yesterday. But man was I lost when I recorded the first episode and it’s great to notice that my skills of producing podcasts have risen during the year (and what a poor performance […]

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Lautapelisuomi – jakso 18 – Vuoden peli 2008 -finalistit

LATAA – TÄSTÄ- LAUTAPELISUOMEN UUSIN JAKSO (.mp3) Tässä jaksossa seuraavaa: JOHDANTO UUTISET Uutisosiossa mainitsen seuraavat asiat: Competon kilpailu, jonka löydät [ TÄÄLTÄ] joululahjasuositukset, jotka löydät [ TÄÄLTÄ] Helcon 2008 -lautapelitapahtuma, josta lisätietoa [ TÄÄLTÄ] tai [ FACEBOOK] VUODEN PELI -KILPAILUN FINALISTIEN LÄPIKÄYNTI Käymme Laurin ja Ollin kanssa läpi kaikki Vuoden peli 2008 -kilpailun finalistit, […]

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Tue, November 11 2008 » Lautapelisuomi, Podcast » 2 Comments

Boardgaming Finland in the US

I had oppurtunity to spend 10 days in the US (DC and NYC) and tried to check out the board game scene in the middle of a rather busy schedule. My findings were that the amount and quality of games sold in the department and book stores is even poorer than in Finland. The selection […]

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