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Saturday game session

I really should have been in Tampere participating in the Finncon event on Saturday but unfortunately I had other scheduled plans for the weekend. The slight dissapointment turned into a entertaining evening with coulple of my frinds coming over and playing some games. We began with China by Michael Schacht which is a elegant and […]

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Mon, July 28 2008 » Caylus, China, Dungeon Twister: Paladins and Dragons, Session » No Comments

Lautapelisuomi – jakso 15

LATAA – TÄSTÄ- LAUTAPELISUOMEN UUSIN JAKSO (.mp3) Tässä jaksossa seuraavaa: JOHDANTO UUTISET Vuoden tärkein kansainvälinen lautapelipalkinto Spiel des Jahres jaettiin viime viikolla ja käsittelen palkinnon saajaa lyhykäisesti uutisosiossa. LAUTAPELISUOMEN KESÄKILPAILU Lautapelisuomen kesäkilpailuun liittyy viisi kuva-arvoitusta, joista sinun pitäisi tunnistaa kyseessä oleva peli. Kaikilla kuvilla on myös jotain yhteistä keskenään ja sinun tulee myös kertoa mikä […]

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Mon, July 14 2008 » Lautapelisuomi, Podcast » No Comments

Wings of War Deluxe Set out from

I visited store today and met owner Toni who showed me ther new release Wings of War Deluxe Set. I had not heard even any rumors of Finnish release of this game and I was pleasently suprised by the news. Wings of War is a light miniature war game where players control planes from […]

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War and horse races are pleasures of summer days

Summer is great time for gamer and lots of games that have been unplayed a long time have hit the table lately. I have been interested in war games for a long time and have played some war games with computer that are rather similar to those that are available as board games. Steel Panthers: […]

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Mon, July 7 2008 » Combat Commander: Europe, Maximus, Session » No Comments