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Jycon Sunday 25.5.2008

The last day of the con had some official Board Game Sociaty stuff in it and time for gaming was limited but I still got some games in and here’s my thoughts. Game 16: Toledo Light family game with elements from caylus. Cool components and the Finnish translation was also nicely done. Building swords is […]

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Thu, May 29 2008 » Bluff, Kosmopolija, Ligretto, Pirates Dice, Scarto, Session, Toledo » No Comments

Lautapelisuomi – Jycon

LATAA – TÄSTÄ- LAUTAPELISUOMEN UUSIN JAKSO (.mp3) Tässä jaksossa seuraavaa: JOHDANTO UUTISET Spiel des Jahres 2008 palkinnoista löydät lisätietoa täältä ja lastenpelikategoriasta lisätietoja puolestaan täältä. Gen Conin kotisivuilta löydät tietoa tästä mielenkiintoisesta lautapelitapahtumasta. Tutustu myös ihmeessä The Spiel -lautapelipodcastiin ja heidän aikeisiinsa osallistua Gen Coniin. Mainitsen uutisissa myös Saikoro -pelin, joka Scott Nicholson esittelee Board […]

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Wed, May 28 2008 » Jycon, Lautapelisuomi, Podcast » 2 Comments

Jycon Saturday 24.5.2008

One could never have imagined that there was a serious board game convention going on when I turned up at the con site at 9.15 am. I was waiting for lively but tired gamers but instead what I fuond was a silent and sleepy con. After a moments wait the first warriors woke up from […]

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Tue, May 27 2008 » Caylus, Container, Cuba, Dvonn, Gipf, Hamburgum, Hey That's My Fish, I'm the Boss, Im Jahr des Drachen, Jycon, Modern Art, Money Lisa, Oregon, Pillars of the Earth, Primordial Soup, Ticket to Ride Card Game, Yinsh » No Comments

Jycon Friday 23.5.2008

I attended Finnish Board Game Society’s Jycon last weekend and here’s the first part of the thoughts I have of the games I played. Game 1: Galaxy Trucker with Rough Road Ahead expansion cards I’ve played the basic game quite a lot and found out that it’s not so challneging after all. The expansion makes […]

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Mon, May 26 2008 » Down Under, Galaxy Trucker, Jycon, Mustang, Pentago XL, Railroad Tycoon, Rails of Europe, Rummy, Session » No Comments

Gaming with old friends

I have had problems of finding time to play games lately. This is hopefully going to change now that studies have ended for the spring thus making the schedule more flexible and while it’s been so quiet in gaming front it was super cool to have two old friends to play some games. We began […]

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Sun, May 18 2008 » Blokus, Modern Art, Oregon, Session, StreetSoccer, Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries » 2 Comments