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Have you ever encountered a situation where someone is suffering from AP. Maybe it has happened to you and others have been frustrated. This is where timer are handy; every player gets a limited time to do the moves. Chess players use timers regularly but we Eurogamers tend to just be silent and watch. Zumba […]

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Sun, April 27 2008 » News » No Comments

Dungeon Twister

I had the honor of hosting a game night at my place after a longish pause. I had plans of hosting a group of people during the evening but eventually there were only me and Lauri. The obvious choise as a game for the kind of event we had was Dungeon Twister which I had […]

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Sat, April 19 2008 » Dungeon Twister, Session » No Comments

Games at the Nokia Board Game Club

I haven’t been able to participate in the N-BGC meetings in a while and it was nice to be there again. There were six of us and the first game was King Me! which is a light bluffing game where players try to place their figures on the ladder right and kick the other characters […]

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Tue, April 15 2008 » I'm the Boss, King Me!, Scarto, Schnäppchen Jagd, Session » No Comments

Game day the the Library 10

It has been really dry in the gaming front for several weeks and man it was great to play some games on Sunday at the Library 10. We had pre-scheduled a game of Jamaica and I decided go with the flow and take some lighter games with me in the library. We began our session […]

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Mon, April 14 2008 » Filou, Jamaica, Session, Ticket to Ride, Wits and Wagers » No Comments

Lautapelisuomi – Tarotista Texas Hold’emiin

LATAA – TÄSTÄ- LAUTAPELISUOMEN UUSIN JAKSO (.mp3) Tässä jaksossa seuraavaa: JOHDANTO UUTISET Uutisosiossa maininnat kahdesta lähitulevaisuudessa järjestettävästä pelitapahtumasta. Pelixi-tapahtumasta lisätiedot löytyvät täältä ja Suomen lautapeliseuran Jyväskylän peliviikonlopusta täältä. LAUTAPELISUOMI KILPAILUN VOITTAJA Lautapelisuomen neljännen kilpailun voittajat ovat Sampo Sikiö, Lauri Ström ja Miika Kirjavainen. myymälässä oli myynnissä 964 peliä ja voittajat onnistuivat arvaamaan oikean luvun […]

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Mon, April 14 2008 » Lautapelisuomi, Podcast » 1 Comment

Mikko Saari’s new book released today

Mikko Saari’s new book Tarotista Texas Hold’emiin (From Tarot to Texas Holdem) was released today by BTJ-Kustannus. Book is all about cards games; there’s history and rules for old classics and also information on more comtemporary card games. I’ve read Mikko’s earlier book Uudet Lautapelit and although I found the book interesting I’m far more […]

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Fri, April 4 2008 » News » No Comments