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Nordic Serious Games presentations available online

Nordic Serious Games conference was held few weeks back in Jyväskylä. Tuonela Productions had a presentation where the CEO of the company first told some facts on the board game field overall and then continued to the educational games Tuonela Productions has in it’s portfolio. The general information given for the audience is a bit […]

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Thu, March 27 2008 » News » No Comments

Lautapelisuomi – Tiedolla tai tuurilla!

LATAA – TÄSTÄ- LAUTAPELISUOMEN UUSIN JAKSO (.mp3) LATAA – TÄSTÄ- LAUTAPELISUOMEN UUSIN JAKSO KUVITUKSEN KERA (.m4a) Tässä jaksossa seuraavaa: JOHDANTO Johdannossa mainitaan Wits and Wagersin Xbox versio, joka julkaistaan lähiviikkojen aikana. Lisätietoa aiheesta täältä. WITS AND WAGERSIN ARVOSTELU Käyn läpi millaisesta pelistä on kysymys, miten peliä pelataan ja kenelle peli mielestäni soveltuu. Lisätietoa pelistä löydät […]

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Sat, March 22 2008 » Lautapelisuomi, Podcast » No Comments

Sneak peek on the Finnish Modern Art cards

I saw the drafts of the cards and other components of the Modern Art in Finnish and man they look gorgeous. Here’s some teasers which I got from All paintings represent real contemporary art which I thing is just awsome.

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Sat, March 22 2008 » Modern Art, News » No Comments

Gathering of my friends

It was not the kind of gathering which takes place in the US; there were two of my oldest friends and in between of vivid discussion on various topics we played some games. We have played games together as long as we’ve known each other; computer games (I have especially fond memories from the Warlords […]

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Sat, March 22 2008 » Galaxy Trucker, Session, Wits and Wagers » 2 Comments

A bit dry game session at N-BGC

It began with two quick plays of Bluff which is one of the better dice game available. Bluffing is usually a great fun when used as a mechanic in a game and bluffing fits well together with dice. The luck element which goes hand in hand with dice is definitely there but when you can […]

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Tue, March 18 2008 » Amyitis, Bluff, Session » 3 Comments

Lautapelisuomi – Competo

LATAA – TÄSTÄ- LAUTAPELISUOMEN UUSIN JAKSO Tässä jaksossa seuraavaa: JOHDANTO HAASTATTELU MAREKTOY/COMPETO / KRISTIAN & TOMAS AHJOPALO Competo on helsinkiläinen leluihin ja lautapeleihin erikoistunut yritys, jolla on tuotevalikoimassaan useita erittäin hyviä pelejä. Haastattelu pitää sisällään yleistä jutustelua Marektoysta sekä Competosta sekä hieman tarkempaa syventymistä vuoden 2008 Competo -julkaisuihin. Käsitellyt pelit ovat: Bausack (suomennetulla nimellä), Chinatown, […]

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Mon, March 10 2008 » Lautapelisuomi, Podcast » No Comments

Competo’s games for 2008

I had the privilege to interview Kristian and Tomas Ahjopalo from Competo for my Finnish podcast yesterday and I had a blast. Maybe the most interesting information was the list of game swhich Competo will release in the year 2008. Bausack (with a bit different name), Chinatown, Gulo Gulo, Heli Hopper, Monopoly Tampere, Qwirkle, Ubongo […]

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Sat, March 8 2008 » Bausack, Chinatown, Gulo Gulo, Heli Hopper, Monopoly Tampere, News, Qwirkle, Ubongo Extrem, Wits and Wagers » 1 Comment

Game Night at Sibelius Academy

I’ve been running game nights every Monday at my school for couple of weeks now. We have had few interested people spending time with games and I hope that more will come after the word begins to spread about the event. Yesterday we had me plus five players during the night. Before I go deeper […]

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Tue, March 4 2008 » Can't Stop, Hey That's My Fish, Session, Zooloretto » No Comments