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Digesting the Christmas Ham

Christmas was as Christmas should be, calm and full of traditions. Not that much gaming in my family during the holidays but fortunately there are always others geeks who wish to play games. This time it was the Leppävaara board game club which is one of the oldest in Finland. I haven’t had time to […]

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Fri, December 28 2007 » Bausack, Gift Trap, Lost Cities, Session, Tichu » No Comments

Merry Christmas!

I hope that everyone has time to be with the family and relatives and that Santa brings some awsome games to play during the Christmas time. Take it easy and enjoy!

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Mon, December 24 2007 » General » No Comments

I wish everyday would be like Thursday

I had an interesting day yesterday. First I met Marcus Kevin from the Gambit Games Ltd which is a recently found Finnish board game design company. Their first release Finanssinero came out November and has created quite a fuzz around it. I also received a copy of the game which I’m hopefully able to play […]

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Fri, December 21 2007 » General, Session, Wizard » No Comments

Not as heavy as I would have wanted but still quite enjoyable

Well, that’s the case most of the time- it’s hard to find a group of players who really share the same wants in gaming. Yesterday at the N-BGC (Nokia Board Game Club) was just like that. First we played a seven players game of Arriba which is a variant of Jungle Speed. We should have […]

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Wed, December 19 2007 » Arriba, China, Sleuth » No Comments

Lautapelisuomi – Kirjasto pelaa

LATAA JAKSO – TÄSTÄ- (mp3, 74:45 min) Tässä jaksossa: Tarinointia Stefan “stefu” Engblomin kanssa matkalla Turkuun Kirjasto pelaa -tapahtumaan Stefun luento lautapeleistä ja -pelaamisesta tapahtuman yhteydessä Niko “edain” Suojamon (pääjärjestäjä) haastattelu tapahtumasta Tarinointia Stefun kanssa matkalla takaisin Helsinkiin Kaikki palaute on tervetullutta; lähettäkää sitä minulle yhteystiedoissa olevaan osoitteeseen tai kommentoikaa jaksoa tähän viestiin. Kinkkucon on […]

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Sat, December 15 2007 » Podcast » 4 Comments

Kirjasto Pelaa boardgaming event in Turku

I spent the whole Saturday in Turku in an interesting board game event Kirjasto Pelaa – Library Plays. It was well organized, there were quite a lot of people and from very different age and experience groups and everyone seemed to have nice time. I had the privilige to travel with Stefan “Stefu” Engblom, who […]

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Sun, December 9 2007 » Cassiopeia, For Sale, PitchCar, Session » No Comments

New internet board game web store- Competo

There is a new internet based board game store in Finland. Competo opened its web store and brings additional choise for choosing the place where to buy games. Actually Competo is a new brand for Marektoy board games which have previously been published under Marektoy’s own brand. Marektoy is a Finnish publisher which have rights […]

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Thu, December 6 2007 » News » No Comments

Lautapelisuomi – Pelit pukinkonttiin -jouluspesiaali

LATAA JAKSO – TÄSTÄ- (mp3, kesto: 49:34) Lautapelisuomi podcast syventyy tässä jaksossa joululahjasuosituksiin. Esittelen 12 peliä 4:ssä eri kategoriassa. Lastenpelit Halli Galli Velhojen yö PitchCar Perhepelit Ubongo Zooloretto Menolippu Korttipelit Bohnanza Gang of Four Fairy Tale Pelit lautapeliharrastajille Caylus Magna Carta Notre Dame Imperial Paikkoja joista voit kyselle suosittelemiani pelejä: Fantasiapelit Peliarkku Puolenkuunpelit Jos […]

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Tue, December 4 2007 » Lautapelisuomi, Podcast » No Comments