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Nokia Board Game Club 27.11.2007

I attended the N-BGC session last night in Colonial Bar at the Scandic Hotel Espoo. There was 8 of us so two tables for some games. We began with Ziegen Kriegen designed by Günter Burkhardt, a 2007 release from Amigo Spiele. Ziegen Kriegen is a light trick taking game where the objective is to capture […]

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Wed, November 28 2007 » Filou, Im Jahr des Drachen, Session, Ziegen Kriegen » 2 Comments

Beef and board games – what could possibly be better that that?

I was able to play couple of games this weekend. Last night I visited my friend end after we had had garlic soup and steak we began to game. I took some games with me which I thought would fit into the situation well. We started with Lost Cities which is always a good way […]

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Sun, November 25 2007 » Dvonn, Lost Cities, Power Grid, Session, Vegas Showdown » No Comments

Secret Santa 2007

I sent today my Secret Santa gift. Secret Santa is a event arranged in BGG where people all over the globe send Christmas gifts to each other. Everyone have wished for something and one of those wishes is going to become true during the Christmas time. And what else would we have wished for than […]

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Fri, November 23 2007 » General, Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries » No Comments

Lautapelinurkka – 1960: Making of the President

LATAA JAKSO – TÄSTÄ- Tässä jaksossa arvostelen 1960: Making of the Presidentin. Voit kysellä ja katsella pelin saatavuutta jokoä tai Milan-Spielestä. Tämän hetkisellä dollarin kurssilla peliä ei kannata Yhdysvalloista tilata. Kerro minulle, mitä mieltä olet arvostelustani. Oletko samaa mieltä vai puhunko aivan puuta heinää. Ja erityiset kiitokset jälleen Mikko Putkoselle ja Eminorille musiikista, joka […]

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Wed, November 21 2007 » 1960: Making of the President, Lautapelinurkka, Podcast » 2 Comments

A Night of 1960:MofP and Dvonn

For me 1960: Making of the President has been the most anticipated game of the year 2007 and now that I’ve played it 4 times I must say that it has met the expectations. Game is mechanically well balanced, it is relatively easy to teach even to those who are not so used to meatier […]

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Sat, November 17 2007 » 1960: Making of the President, Dvonn, Session » No Comments

Lautapelisuomi podcast

Lautapelisuomi – Preludi < lataa tästä> Lautapelisuomen ensimmäinen lähetys, jossa kerron, miksi ja mitä aion tehdä ja kuka olen. Preludin kesto on 9.25 ja voit kuunnella sitä soittimilla, jotka tukevat mp3-tiedostomuotoa. Jaksossa mainittiin seuraavat pelit: Settlers of Catan El Grande Shogun Notre Dame Erityiskiitos musiikista Mikko Putkoselle ja eminorille Suosittelen lämpimästi tutustumaan kyseisen bändin tuotantoon! […]

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Wed, November 14 2007 » Lautapelisuomi, Podcast » 2 Comments

Trying to turn my parents into gamers

I had the chance to spend a weekend with my parents in their summer cottage. Summer cottages are really cool but in November one shoudn’t emphasise the word summer too much. It was snowing, cold and dark (so dark that if you went outside the light perimeter of the cottage you couldn’t see farther than […]

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Sun, November 11 2007 » China, Lost Cities, Notre Dame, Session » No Comments

Welcome to participate in my little project. As you can see the site is still very heavily under construction but I have high hopes that I’m able to begin regular blogging and podcasting soon. Yours, Antti “cane” Koskinen —————————— Kuten huomaat, sivuni on vielä kehittelyasteella. Tarkoitukseni on kuitenkin aloittaa säännöllinen kirjoittaminen sekä podcast pikaisesti. Terveisin, […]

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Wed, November 7 2007 » General » Comments Off