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Digesting the Christmas Ham

Christmas was as Christmas should be, calm and full of traditions. Not that much gaming in my family during the holidays but fortunately there are always others geeks who wish to play games. This time it was the Leppävaara board game club which is one of the oldest in Finland. I haven’t had time to […]

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Fri, December 28 2007 » Bausack, Gift Trap, Lost Cities, Session, Tichu » No Comments

Beef and board games – what could possibly be better that that?

I was able to play couple of games this weekend. Last night I visited my friend end after we had had garlic soup and steak we began to game. I took some games with me which I thought would fit into the situation well. We started with Lost Cities which is always a good way […]

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Sun, November 25 2007 » Dvonn, Lost Cities, Power Grid, Session, Vegas Showdown » No Comments

Trying to turn my parents into gamers

I had the chance to spend a weekend with my parents in their summer cottage. Summer cottages are really cool but in November one shoudn’t emphasise the word summer too much. It was snowing, cold and dark (so dark that if you went outside the light perimeter of the cottage you couldn’t see farther than […]

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Sun, November 11 2007 » China, Lost Cities, Notre Dame, Session » No Comments