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Saturday game session

I really should have been in Tampere participating in the Finncon event on Saturday but unfortunately I had other scheduled plans for the weekend. The slight dissapointment turned into a entertaining evening with coulple of my frinds coming over and playing some games. We began with China by Michael Schacht which is a elegant and […]

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Mon, July 28 2008 » Caylus, China, Dungeon Twister: Paladins and Dragons, Session » No Comments

Not as heavy as I would have wanted but still quite enjoyable

Well, that’s the case most of the time- it’s hard to find a group of players who really share the same wants in gaming. Yesterday at the N-BGC (Nokia Board Game Club) was just like that. First we played a seven players game of Arriba which is a variant of Jungle Speed. We should have […]

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Wed, December 19 2007 » Arriba, China, Sleuth » No Comments

Trying to turn my parents into gamers

I had the chance to spend a weekend with my parents in their summer cottage. Summer cottages are really cool but in November one shoudn’t emphasise the word summer too much. It was snowing, cold and dark (so dark that if you went outside the light perimeter of the cottage you couldn’t see farther than […]

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Sun, November 11 2007 » China, Lost Cities, Notre Dame, Session » No Comments