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Ropecon 2010

Ropecon was held last weekend in Otaniemi, Espoo (Finland). I’ve been participating in it for the last few years and was lucky to be able to show up this year also (lucky because we’re expecting a baby to pop up soon). Convention has originally been a place for roleplayers but nowadays there’s also a lot […]

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Mon, July 26 2010 » Bamboleo, Chateau Roquefort, Dixit, Eclipse, General, Hornet, Industrial Waste, Mole Hill, Ninety Nine, Notre Dame, Odin's Table, Power Struggle, Session, The Magic Labyrinth » 6 Comments

Man I got beaten today

Quite typical gaming night at my place; Janne, Nasu and I. This time we played games everyone had played before which actually has never happened before if I remember correctly. First game was Notre Dame which I like bacause it’s reasonably fast especially with three and still it offers very interesting choises throughout the game. […]

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Sun, January 27 2008 » Notre Dame, Session, Sleuth, Wizard » No Comments

Trying to turn my parents into gamers

I had the chance to spend a weekend with my parents in their summer cottage. Summer cottages are really cool but in November one shoudn’t emphasise the word summer too much. It was snowing, cold and dark (so dark that if you went outside the light perimeter of the cottage you couldn’t see farther than […]

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Sun, November 11 2007 » China, Lost Cities, Notre Dame, Session » No Comments