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Jycon Sunday 25.5.2008

The last day of the con had some official Board Game Sociaty stuff in it and time for gaming was limited but I still got some games in and here’s my thoughts. Game 16: Toledo Light family game with elements from caylus. Cool components and the Finnish translation was also nicely done. Building swords is […]

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Thu, May 29 2008 » Bluff, Kosmopolija, Ligretto, Pirates Dice, Scarto, Session, Toledo » No Comments

A bit dry game session at N-BGC

It began with two quick plays of Bluff which is one of the better dice game available. Bluffing is usually a great fun when used as a mechanic in a game and bluffing fits well together with dice. The luck element which goes hand in hand with dice is definitely there but when you can […]

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Tue, March 18 2008 » Amyitis, Bluff, Session » 3 Comments