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Thoughts about Saikoro

Saikoro is a new 2-player abtract strategy game which is basically much like Hey! That’s My Fish! where players contruct a board with tiles and then, one by one, try to collect the tiles and block other players. In Saikoro tiles are replaced with dice and the game board is a 8 by 8 grid […]

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Mon, June 9 2008 » Hey That's My Fish, Saikoro, Session » 1 Comment

Jycon Saturday 24.5.2008

One could never have imagined that there was a serious board game convention going on when I turned up at the con site at 9.15 am. I was waiting for lively but tired gamers but instead what I fuond was a silent and sleepy con. After a moments wait the first warriors woke up from […]

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Tue, May 27 2008 » Caylus, Container, Cuba, Dvonn, Gipf, Hamburgum, Hey That's My Fish, I'm the Boss, Im Jahr des Drachen, Jycon, Modern Art, Money Lisa, Oregon, Pillars of the Earth, Primordial Soup, Ticket to Ride Card Game, Yinsh » No Comments

Game Night at Sibelius Academy

I’ve been running game nights every Monday at my school for couple of weeks now. We have had few interested people spending time with games and I hope that more will come after the word begins to spread about the event. Yesterday we had me plus five players during the night. Before I go deeper […]

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Tue, March 4 2008 » Can't Stop, Hey That's My Fish, Session, Zooloretto » No Comments