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Gameweek 13/2013: Targi and Bora Bora

One live session and games at We had only two players in N-BGC meeting and Targi was a solid option in such a situation. Targi is a very elegant worker placement game for two where theme is secondary and interesting mechanisms combine in a way which I have not seen before. It’s not the […]

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Gameweek 12/2013: Kings of Air and Steam, The Hobbit Card Game, The City and more

Fun week of gaming with two live sessions and games at First live session was at the N-BGC game night and it began with three player Saint Petersburg. I got behind in workers which meant that I was short on money all the time. Positive side was that I got both Observatories and was […]

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Tue, April 2 2013 » Gear & Piston, General, Genial, Kings of Air and Steam, Saint Petersburg, Schotten-Totten, Session, The City, The Hobbit Card Game » No Comments

Gameweek 11/2013: Big Five and Kings of Air and Steam

Live session at N-BGC and several games at We began the live session with five player Big Five which worked surprisingly well with five for a maximum 4 player game. If you’ve played Qwikle you pretty much know what’s going on in this game except the fact that Big Five is playd with cards. […]

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Wed, March 27 2013 » Big Five, General, Kings of Air and Steam, Session » No Comments

Gameweek 10/2013: Steam

Live session on Wednesday and games in We played Steam at the N-BGC game night with four players. None of us had played the game much and rules explanation took a long time. US map is a noninteresting if you ask me because it’s balanced too well. In our game two players ended up […]

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Gameweek 9/2013: Kingdom Builder, Tichu and Crazy Lab

Live session at Leppävaara game club and online games at First and last game I played was the new trick taking card game from Amigo called Crazy Lab which is designed by Jordi Gené and Gregorio Morales. I love trick taking games and I tend to buy every trick taking game I can get […]

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Sat, March 16 2013 » Crazy Lab, General, Kingdom Builder, Session, Tichu » No Comments

Gameweek 8/2013: Under the Hammer, Saint Petersburg and The Dwarf King

One session live and lots of games at I was set for Small World which is a fun game to play but we ended up being a group of six and Small World goes up to five. Thus I ended up playing a very tight game of Saint Petersburg with Aapo. SP is a […]

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Mon, March 4 2013 » General, Saint Petersburg, Session, The Dwarf King, Under the Hammer » No Comments

Gameweek 7/2013: Brawling Barons, Steam and For Sale

Live games on Wednesday and a lot of games at and Brawling Barons was a the first game of the live session and there wasn’t much to expect from the game. It looked silly and uninteresting and the premises for the game weren’t very good. Game proved to be mostly like it promised […]

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Thu, February 21 2013 » Brawling Barons, For Sale, Steam » No Comments

Gameweek 6/2013: Le Havre and Campaign Manager 2008

Not a very active week with one two players session and lots of games at (plus some StreetSoccer too for sure). I played at N-BGC with Adebisi who had on his agenda to turn me into a Le Havre lover (and thus find a new player to play the game with). I had played […]

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Sun, February 10 2013 » Campaign Manager 2008, General, Le Havre, Session » No Comments

Gameweek 5/2013: Age of Industry, Homesteaders and Stich-Meister

Three games at the Leppävaara game club and different online games at Age of Industry is a game which I bought some years ago when it first came out as a special edition. Components and production values are excellent and game was not bad even though I think that it’s not quite my cup […]

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Wed, February 6 2013 » General, Homesteaders, Session, Stich-Meister, The Age of Industry » No Comments

Gameweek 4/2013: Princes of Florence, O Zoo le Mio, Vasaran alla, Tichu and Dynamite

Not a bad gaming week. I playerd live on Thursday and several games also in Princes of Florence is a solid game I’ve played couple of times before. I like the bidding aspect of the game. What I don’t like is that player turns take rather long time and there’s a lot of downtime […]

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Tue, January 29 2013 » Dynamite, General, O Zoo le Mio, Princes of Florence, Session, Tichu, Vasaran alla » No Comments