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Gaming with old friends

I have had problems of finding time to play games lately. This is hopefully going to change now that studies have ended for the spring thus making the schedule more flexible and while it’s been so quiet in gaming front it was super cool to have two old friends to play some games. We began […]

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Sun, May 18 2008 » Blokus, Modern Art, Oregon, Session, StreetSoccer, Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries » 2 Comments

Busy week of gaming

I’m on my winter holiday and I’ve been able to do some serious gaming. Saturday was Tracon which I’ve already given report earlier. Sunday I visited the weekly meeting of the Library 10 game club and was able to play Gang of Four, Samurai and Battle Line. I have to say that I’m not a […]

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Wed, February 20 2008 » 10 Days in Europe, Alias, Amazing Labyrinth, Battle Line, Gang of Four, Kingsburg, Race for the Galaxy, Samurai, San Juan, Session, StreetSoccer, Thebes, Wits and Wagers » No Comments