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Expansion for Galaxy Trucker in Essen 08

I got a mail from Czech Games which reveals that thay plan to launch a expansion for Galaxy Trucker in Spiel game fair in Essen. I’m really looking forward for this expansion because I really love the game. I hope that the new expansion will be as wacky as the free expansion that can be […]

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Thu, June 5 2008 » Galaxy Trucker, News » No Comments

Jycon Friday 23.5.2008

I attended Finnish Board Game Society’s Jycon last weekend and here’s the first part of the thoughts I have of the games I played. Game 1: Galaxy Trucker with Rough Road Ahead expansion cards I’ve played the basic game quite a lot and found out that it’s not so challneging after all. The expansion makes […]

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Mon, May 26 2008 » Down Under, Galaxy Trucker, Jycon, Mustang, Pentago XL, Railroad Tycoon, Rails of Europe, Rummy, Session » No Comments

Gathering of my friends

It was not the kind of gathering which takes place in the US; there were two of my oldest friends and in between of vivid discussion on various topics we played some games. We have played games together as long as we’ve known each other; computer games (I have especially fond memories from the Warlords […]

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Sat, March 22 2008 » Galaxy Trucker, Session, Wits and Wagers » 2 Comments

Busy week of gaming part 2

Winter holidays did mean a lot of gaming this year and what would have been better way to spend time now that we have had the warmest winter in ages. Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries was a rather nice experience when I had a chance to play the game with one of my old friends. […]

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Tue, February 26 2008 » Agricola, Galaxy Trucker, Session, Ticket to Ride, Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries » No Comments

Lautapelisuomi – Suomalainen trilogia

LATAA – TÄSTÄ- LAUTAPELISUOMEN UUSIN JAKSO Tässä jaksossa seuraavaa: JOHDANTO HAASTATTELU MIKU GAMES Miku Games on Tukholmassa sijaitseva pelisuunnittelyritys, joka kehittää ensimmäistä merkittävää lautapelisarjaansa Talvisodasta, Jatkosodasta sekä Lapin sodasta. Käymme haastattelussa läpi perusasioita yrityksestä, peleistä sekä siitä milloin ja miten pelit voi hankkia itselleen. Suurkiitokset vielä Mikulle kärsivällisyydestä haastattelun yhteydessä. Skype ei suostunut yhteistyöhön ja […]

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Mon, February 18 2008 » Finanssinero, Flix Mix, Galaxy Trucker, Hamsterrolle, Jamaica, Lautapelisuomi, Origin of Falling Water, Podcast, Qwirkle, TtR: Switzerland » No Comments