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Gameweek 24/2013: The Hobbit Card Game, King of Siam and Bora Bora

One gaming session at the N-BGC in which: We played first The Hobbit Card Game which is the team based trick taking game by Martin Wallace. This time we had three players so 1vs2 and wiped the floors with the good guys. This game is evil and very hard for the good side especially when […]

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Sun, June 16 2013 » Bora Bora, General, King of Siam, Session, The Hobbit Card Game » No Comments

Gameweek 22/2013: Dominant Species, Bora Bora, Kings of Air and Steam and Oregon

Huh. It’s been a long while since last update. I’ve been busy but fortunately have found the time to play some games live which is quite rare these days. Here’s quick thoughs of some games I’ve played: Dominant Species: We had a 5 player session which took 5 hours or so. I like the mechanisms […]

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Wed, May 29 2013 » Bora Bora, Dominant Species, Eclipse, Kings of Air and Steam, Oregon, Session » No Comments

Gameweek 13/2013: Targi and Bora Bora

One live session and games at We had only two players in N-BGC meeting and Targi was a solid option in such a situation. Targi is a very elegant worker placement game for two where theme is secondary and interesting mechanisms combine in a way which I have not seen before. It’s not the […]

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