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Finnish Game of the Year 2012

Finnish Game of the Year finalists were announced today. There are three categories and winners are announced 24.8.2012. Childrens Games: Halli Klack ( Mato Mato (Marektoy) Rapido (Tevella) Family Games:: Blitz (Marektoy) Enigma ( Marektoy) Africana ( Adults Games: Paris Connection ( Marektoy) Kingdom Builder ( Airlines Europe ( Marektoy) Solid nominees this […]

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Eclipse wins in Dice Tower Awards

Eclipse won the Best Game of the Year award in the Dice Tower Awards. I’m a regular listener of the Dice Tower podcast and thus knew about the nomination. To be quite honest I did not expect Eclipse to win because second edition of the game just came out and game has been very hard […]

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Board game photography contest at Lautapeliopas

Finalists for the board game photography contest held by Lautapeliopas have been decided. There’s 5 pictures in two categories, cameras and mobile photos, and public gets to vote for the winners. Go and cast your vote! Vote here Posted using Tinydesk Writer iPhone app

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Tuonela Productions publishes 3 games in Spiel 2009

Tuonela Productions released a press release of their coming line up for the autumn 2009 and it looks very impressive. Three brand new games from Finnish designers; Modern Society, Soul Hunters and Inquisition. These games make already interesting year of games even more interesting. I have not been able to get any additional information about […]

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Prototype session: Epäillyt

It’s rare to have an opportunity to test Finnish games that will come out in Finland. Kimmo Sorsamo is a designer who has done it once before with Maximus which unfortunately did not make into stores after it was nominated as a finalist in the Finnish Game of the Year 2008. This time game is […]

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Monopoly in the limelight during weekend

This was a great weekend from the gaming point of view. I had friends at my place on Friday and today I attended the weekly game club at the local library. I also got a few new games (Thief of Baghdad, Diamant and Auf der Pirsch) from the sale in my collection which was […]

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Competo games from Makuuni

Competo released a press release that they have began a co-operation with Makuuni. Makuuni is one of the biggest DVD rental chains in Finland and they have stores all over Finland. Press release didn’t state which Competo games will be sold through Makuuni but I’ll guess it’ll be the lighter and more family friendly side […]

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Competo releases Keltis for the Nordic Countries

Competo releases this years Spiel des Jahres winner Keltis by Reiner Knizia for board game markest in the Nordic Countries. Keltis is described to be Lost Cities in a board game form and it has received relatively positive reviews world wide. Game should be out before Christmas ’08. On a more personal note I have […]

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Vote games in Finnish Players’ Picks 2008!

Mikko Saari has again set up gaming awards for the year 2008 or Finnish Players’ Picks 2008 as they are also called. The idea of the awards is that Finnish gamers pick the best games they have played during the last year (from Oct 2007 to Aug Sep 2008) and list them. The most popular […]

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Finnish Games of the Year 2008

Finnish Toy Association picked the finalists and winners of the Game of the Year in three categories: children, family and adults. There were plenty of good games participating and these games made it to the end: Children’s Category * Winner : Eläinpyramidi (Tavella) * Finalist: Koko perhe näyttelee (Tactic) * Finalist: Muumien sanasirkus (Egmont) Comment: […]

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