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Gameweek 12/2013: Kings of Air and Steam, The Hobbit Card Game, The City and more

Fun week of gaming with two live sessions and games at First live session was at the N-BGC game night and it began with three player Saint Petersburg. I got behind in workers which meant that I was short on money all the time. Positive side was that I got both Observatories and was […]

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Tue, April 2 2013 » Gear & Piston, General, Genial, Kings of Air and Steam, Saint Petersburg, Schotten-Totten, Session, The City, The Hobbit Card Game » No Comments

Gameweek 8/2013: Under the Hammer, Saint Petersburg and The Dwarf King

One session live and lots of games at I was set for Small World which is a fun game to play but we ended up being a group of six and Small World goes up to five. Thus I ended up playing a very tight game of Saint Petersburg with Aapo. SP is a […]

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Mon, March 4 2013 » General, Saint Petersburg, Session, The Dwarf King, Under the Hammer » No Comments