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Gameweek 5/2013: Age of Industry, Homesteaders and Stich-Meister

Three games at the Leppävaara game club and different online games at Age of Industry is a game which I bought some years ago when it first came out as a special edition. Components and production values are excellent and game was not bad even though I think that it’s not quite my cup […]

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Wed, February 6 2013 » General, Homesteaders, Session, Stich-Meister, The Age of Industry » No Comments

Gameweek 2/2013: Hanabi, Boggle Flash, Stich-Meister and Njet

Game year 2013 has begun and I’ve gotten some games in. I also received a BGG Secret Santa gift late but Mahjong and Fairy Land were excellent gifts to receive. I hope I’ll be able to play them shortly and tell my impressions of them to you. Games I played week 2/2013 were Hanabi, Boggle […]

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Mon, January 14 2013 » Boggle Flash, General, Hanabi, Njet, Stich-Meister » No Comments