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Gameweek 9/2013: Kingdom Builder, Tichu and Crazy Lab

Live session at Leppävaara game club and online games at First and last game I played was the new trick taking card game from Amigo called Crazy Lab which is designed by Jordi Gené and Gregorio Morales. I love trick taking games and I tend to buy every trick taking game I can get […]

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Gameweek 4/2013: Princes of Florence, O Zoo le Mio, Vasaran alla, Tichu and Dynamite

Not a bad gaming week. I playerd live on Thursday and several games also in Princes of Florence is a solid game I’ve played couple of times before. I like the bidding aspect of the game. What I don’t like is that player turns take rather long time and there’s a lot of downtime […]

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Tue, January 29 2013 » Dynamite, General, O Zoo le Mio, Princes of Florence, Session, Tichu, Vasaran alla » No Comments

Digesting the Christmas Ham

Christmas was as Christmas should be, calm and full of traditions. Not that much gaming in my family during the holidays but fortunately there are always others geeks who wish to play games. This time it was the Leppävaara board game club which is one of the oldest in Finland. I haven’t had time to […]

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