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Ropecon 2012

Ropecon has been a part of my gaming year for probably 5 years and there’s many fond memories from it. Growing family makes it hard to participate in any gaming event these days but my lovely wife gave me green light for Saturday gaming at Ropecon. As usual there were a lot of people attending […]

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Sat, July 28 2012 » Eclipse, General, Session, Trajan, Vegas » No Comments

Session report: Targi, Vegas, Tournay

Interesting day at the Leppävaara game club because with a table playing Through the Ages and other table figuring out Age of Conan there were only me and Oskari left to play games. It didn’t stop us playing games but did have an effect of the games we could play. First of was Targi which […]

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Sun, July 1 2012 » Targi, Tournay, Vegas » No Comments

Session Report: Die Tore der Welt Kartenspiel, Vegas and Haggis

It’s been a longish while since my last blog post and reason is simple – second child replaced games almost completely for the first couple of months of this year. With no sessions of games it’s tough to find time and topics for blog posts but I hope I’m beginning to find the balance between […]

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Mon, June 11 2012 » Die Tore der Welt Kartenspiel, General, Haggis, Session, Vegas » No Comments