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Gameweek 22/2013: Dominant Species, Bora Bora, Kings of Air and Steam and Oregon

Huh. It’s been a long while since last update. I’ve been busy but fortunately have found the time to play some games live which is quite rare these days. Here’s quick thoughs of some games I’ve played: Dominant Species: We had a 5 player session which took 5 hours or so. I like the mechanisms […]

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Wed, May 29 2013 » Bora Bora, Dominant Species, Eclipse, Kings of Air and Steam, Oregon, Session » No Comments

Finally back in business

It’s been a long pause for boardgamingfinland but finally I’m back in business now that we’ve moved to a new location and I have a room dedicated for work and gaming. I kicked it off with three friends and three fun games. First game of the night was Hamsterrolle which is at the moment unavailable […]

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What I Think of It: Dominant Species

GMT is known for war games but recently they have produced a few games which are definitely not war games. After Leaping Lemmings (which probably deserves its own entry someday) they released Dominant Species which catapults GMT heavily into the eurogame realm. The designer of the game, Chad Jensen, has designed the popular Combat Commander: […]

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