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Man I got beaten today

Quite typical gaming night at my place; Janne, Nasu and I. This time we played games everyone had played before which actually has never happened before if I remember correctly. First game was Notre Dame which I like bacause it’s reasonably fast especially with three and still it offers very interesting choises throughout the game. […]

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Sun, January 27 2008 » Notre Dame, Session, Sleuth, Wizard » No Comments

N-BCG on 15th of January

I was able to participate the weekly meeting after my holidays which was great. We began with Wizard, a trick taking game where every player has promise how many tricks he/she is going to take in the current round. In the first round players have only one card in their hand, in the second two […]

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Fri, January 18 2008 » Goldland, Santiago, Session, Wizard » No Comments

I wish everyday would be like Thursday

I had an interesting day yesterday. First I met Marcus Kevin from the Gambit Games Ltd which is a recently found Finnish board game design company. Their first release Finanssinero came out November and has created quite a fuzz around it. I also received a copy of the game which I’m hopefully able to play […]

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Fri, December 21 2007 » General, Session, Wizard » No Comments