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Gameweek 23/2013: Langfinger, The Manhattan Project and Eclipse

Gameweek with two live sessions and some games at Firstly, I attended the N-BGC session on Monday where we played two games. Langfinger was the first game on the table and it has been waiting it’s turn on my car’s trunk for a long time. I bought it with 3 euro maybe a year […]

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Gameweek 22/2013: Dominant Species, Bora Bora, Kings of Air and Steam and Oregon

Huh. It’s been a long while since last update. I’ve been busy but fortunately have found the time to play some games live which is quite rare these days. Here’s quick thoughs of some games I’ve played: Dominant Species: We had a 5 player session which took 5 hours or so. I like the mechanisms […]

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Ropecon 2012

Ropecon has been a part of my gaming year for probably 5 years and there’s many fond memories from it. Growing family makes it hard to participate in any gaming event these days but my lovely wife gave me green light for Saturday gaming at Ropecon. As usual there were a lot of people attending […]

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Eclipse wins in Dice Tower Awards

Eclipse won the Best Game of the Year award in the Dice Tower Awards. I’m a regular listener of the Dice Tower podcast and thus knew about the nomination. To be quite honest I did not expect Eclipse to win because second edition of the game just came out and game has been very hard […]

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My most anticipated game for 2011 goes for Eclipse

To be quite honest Eclipse would have definitely been in my top 3 games I played during 2010 but as the 2 games I played were done with an unpublished version of the game it really doesn’t count.But it was very delightful to hear that will publish the game and presumably the date for […]

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Ropecon 2010

Ropecon was held last weekend in Otaniemi, Espoo (Finland). I’ve been participating in it for the last few years and was lucky to be able to show up this year also (lucky because we’re expecting a baby to pop up soon). Convention has originally been a place for roleplayers but nowadays there’s also a lot […]

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Mon, July 26 2010 » Bamboleo, Chateau Roquefort, Dixit, Eclipse, General, Hornet, Industrial Waste, Mole Hill, Ninety Nine, Notre Dame, Odin's Table, Power Struggle, Session, The Magic Labyrinth » 6 Comments