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Man I got beaten today

Quite typical gaming night at my place; Janne, Nasu and I. This time we played games everyone had played before which actually has never happened before if I remember correctly. First game was Notre Dame which I like bacause it’s reasonably fast especially with three and still it offers very interesting choises throughout the game. […]

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Sun, January 27 2008 » Notre Dame, Session, Sleuth, Wizard » No Comments

Not as heavy as I would have wanted but still quite enjoyable

Well, that’s the case most of the time- it’s hard to find a group of players who really share the same wants in gaming. Yesterday at the N-BGC (Nokia Board Game Club) was just like that. First we played a seven players game of Arriba which is a variant of Jungle Speed. We should have […]

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Wed, December 19 2007 » Arriba, China, Sleuth » No Comments