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Session Report: Die Tore der Welt Kartenspiel, Vegas and Haggis

It’s been a longish while since my last blog post and reason is simple – second child replaced games almost completely for the first couple of months of this year. With no sessions of games it’s tough to find time and topics for blog posts but I hope I’m beginning to find the balance between […]

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Mon, June 11 2012 » Die Tore der Welt Kartenspiel, General, Haggis, Session, Vegas » No Comments

Session report: Advanced Civilization plus Haggis

Last weekend was huge gaming-wise as it always is when 7-8 people sit 11 hours playing the same game. Nowadays one might think that one has to be crazy to willingly participate in such event but for me playing Advanced Civilization once in a while is pure joy. This time we played in Tampere and […]

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Wed, April 21 2010 » Advanced Civilization, Haggis, Session » No Comments