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Game day the the Library 10

It has been really dry in the gaming front for several weeks and man it was great to play some games on Sunday at the Library 10. We had pre-scheduled a game of Jamaica and I decided go with the flow and take some lighter games with me in the library. We began our session […]

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Mon, April 14 2008 » Filou, Jamaica, Session, Ticket to Ride, Wits and Wagers » No Comments

Nokia Board Game Club 27.11.2007

I attended the N-BGC session last night in Colonial Bar at the Scandic Hotel Espoo. There was 8 of us so two tables for some games. We began with Ziegen Kriegen designed by Günter Burkhardt, a 2007 release from Amigo Spiele. Ziegen Kriegen is a light trick taking game where the objective is to capture […]

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Wed, November 28 2007 » Filou, Im Jahr des Drachen, Session, Ziegen Kriegen » 2 Comments