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Gaming with old friends

I have had problems of finding time to play games lately. This is hopefully going to change now that studies have ended for the spring thus making the schedule more flexible and while it’s been so quiet in gaming front it was super cool to have two old friends to play some games. We began […]

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Sun, May 18 2008 » Blokus, Modern Art, Oregon, Session, StreetSoccer, Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries » 2 Comments

Busy week of gaming part 2

Winter holidays did mean a lot of gaming this year and what would have been better way to spend time now that we have had the warmest winter in ages. Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries was a rather nice experience when I had a chance to play the game with one of my old friends. […]

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Tue, February 26 2008 » Agricola, Galaxy Trucker, Session, Ticket to Ride, Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries » No Comments

Secret Santa 2007

I sent today my Secret Santa gift. Secret Santa is a event arranged in BGG where people all over the globe send Christmas gifts to each other. Everyone have wished for something and one of those wishes is going to become true during the Christmas time. And what else would we have wished for than […]

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Fri, November 23 2007 » General, Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries » No Comments