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Spiel 2013 – mitä tein ja niin edelleen DAY 1

Takana miellyttävä ensimmäinen päivä Essenissä ja jonkin verran saimme pelejäkin pelattua: Love Letter oli mukava kantaa mukana matkassa ja on toki erinomainen peli myös. Qwixx toimi myös matkapelinä ja tämäkin on oikein toimiva pieni noppapeli. Copie Colle, jonka Touko osti alennusmyynnistä muutamalla eurolla. Aivan hirveää paskaa oli tämä peli, jossa yritetään muistella kenellä on minkäkinlainen […]

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Lautapelisuomi podcast – jakso 31 – 22.10.2013

Tässä jaksossa käymme Tuomo Pekkasen kanssa läpi: Pelatut pelit Muun muassa Legends of Andor, Crazy Lab, Super Farmari ja Las Vegas. Lautapelaamaan 2013 Tapahtuma lähestyy ja kaikkien on syytä laittaa se kalenteriin! Spiel 2013 Essenissä Ensin pieni selostus tapahtumasta ja sen luonteesta niille, jotka eivät ole paikalla käyneet ja sitten: TOP 5 SPIEL 2013 […]

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Wed, October 23 2013 » General, Podcast » 1 Comment

Gameweek 42/2013: 6 Nimmt, Ave Caesar, Hanabi and Crazy Lab

One live session at N-BGC and several games online. We began the N-BGC session with 6 Nimmt which was a solid game to wait food and real games. I like 6 Nimmt but have never been any good at it. There aren’t any other game like this (none that I know of anyways) and what […]

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Fri, October 18 2013 » 6 Nimmt, Ave Caesar, Crazy Lab, General, Hanabi, Session » No Comments

Gameweek 41/2013: Legends of Andor, Innovation, Crazy Lab

One live session at N-BGC and games at I’ve also read probably over 20 rules for games to be released at the Spiel Fair in Essen Germany. Couple weeks and there will be a lot of games to report. We began the N-BGC game night with 2nd legend of Legends of Andor. I’d played […]

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Sun, October 13 2013 » Crazy Lab, General, Innovation, Legends of Andor, Session » No Comments

Gameweek 38/2013: Lancaster and Mit List und Tücke

One live session at N-BGC game night plus online plays at, and (maybe two live sessions but it remains to be seen). I’ve played quite a few games during the summer but haven’t been up to writing about my sessions. Family keeps me busy and it’s hard enough to try to find […]

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Lautapelisuomi podcast – 30 jakso – 12.9.2013

Tässä jaksossa käymme Tuomo Pekkasen kanssa läpi: Pelatut pelit Muun muassa Voll ins Schwarze, Jää sulaa, The Hobbit Card Game, Continental Divide, Suburbia ja muutama muu peli. Spiel des Jahres Käymme läpi voittajat ja finalistit ja kommentoimme pelejä ja kilpailua yleensä. Voit itse käydä tutustumassa kilpailuun kilpailun kotisivulta Suomen Vuoden peli 2013 Käymme läpi vuoden […]

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Thu, September 12 2013 » General, Lautapelisuomi, Podcast » 3 Comments

Gameweek 28: Qwixx, The Hobbit Card Game, Brügge and Legends of Andor

First week of my summer vacation and one live session which was organized the same Monday that the results of the SdJ came out. Thus the plan was to play the missing SdJ nominees to be able to comment them in the coming episode of Lautapelisuomi podcast. We began the session with Qwixx which I’ve […]

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Wed, July 17 2013 » Brügge, General, Legends of Andor, Qwixx, Session, The Hobbit Card Game » No Comments

Gameweek 27/2013: Die Pälaste von Carrara, The Hobbit Card Game, Advanced Civilization and more

Very interesting week of gaming with a busy session at N-BGC and a full saturday of Advanced Civilization. N-BGC began with Qwixx with is easy to teach and play while eating. I enjoy it and it’s my favorite horse in the SdJ race which ends next Monday. We also managed to get the Die Pälaste […]

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Sat, July 6 2013 » 23, Advanced Civilization, Die Pälaste von Carrara, General, Hanabi, Qwixx, Session, The Hobbit Card Game » No Comments

Gameweek 26/2013: Augustus, Lancaster and Unpublished Prototype

One live session at N-BGC and many games at plus Midsummer gaming at the summer cottage. We began the N-BGC session with Augustus which I’ve found to be a solid family game. Bingo mechanism which the game is based on works very well and there’s enough options in the game to make it enjoyable. […]

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Tue, June 25 2013 » Augustus, General, Lancaster, Langfinger, Qwixx, Session, Unpublished Prototype » No Comments

Gameweek 25/2013: Qwixx, Augustus and Brügge

One live session at N-BGC. First game on the table was the SdJ nominee Qwixx which, to my surprise, is a small box dice game with simple rules and mechanisms. Since it is a SdJ nominee it’s not bad that it’s has simple rules but I was happy that it has some depth in it […]

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Tue, June 18 2013 » Augustus, Brügge, General, Qwixx, Session » No Comments